Thank you for your interest in my photography for your wedding day.

I'd be delighted to give you a quote and very happy to travel anywhere in the world to photograph your special day; I hope we can make it happen!

This initial form will give me the immediately pertinent details to generate a ballpark quote which will be emailed to you directly afterward.
After that we can go into a little more detail via email.

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Eventually, I will need to get all the locations for the day from you, but if you wish, just a postcode/town/country will suffice at this stage...
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Don't worry about exact numbers here - just to give me an ballpark figure.
Thank you.  I've now got a good idea of what you are planning for the day.  Now we need to run through the various photographic requirements which will generate an initial quote for you.

I've broken it down into three sections chronologically - before, during and after the wedding.

Before the wedding, would you like to have any engagement photography? *

I explain the reasoning behind this on my website - it is a bit kitsch, but it's a useful exercise in getting to know you and vice versa.  

It's also nice to generate a 'signing print' out of the session which you can have for guests to sign on the day.

From any engagement shoot, do you think you would you like to have: *

Please select more than one if you wish...

The items with definitive prices will be added to the quote - the others will not, but will give me an indication of what you might like...

OK - moving onto the day itself...

Do you think you are going to need me on location for a whole day or only half a day? *

The norm here will almost invariably a whole day.   A half day is essentially a pre-agreed five hours, but is not half the price (see FAQs on my website), and typically it would be for a registry office wedding followed by a short reception - please bear this in mind when you answer this question.

And do you think, at this stage, you will need a second photographer? *

Again, please refer to the FAQs on my website, but this option is useful for large weddings (150+ people) and for very spread out locations (bridal prep, ushers' lunch etc).

We will likely have a conversation about this anyway, but better to err on the side of caution!

Great...  Now there are a couple of other options that I can offer you for the actual day if you are interested: *

1. Photo booth - this is a simple setup that will allow your guests to dress up in a corner of the party and take silly photos.  I can deliver them as individual shots or as a quick little video set to music.  If you don't have your own fancy dress, I will be able to source some for you.

2. Studio shoot - with the help of an assistant on the day, I can set up a formal studio on location to take some formal, posed shots in a studio environment.  This will be in additional to the standard portrait shots taken on the day.

A quick word on travel and accommodation.  You can find all of this on my website under the FAQs, but to reiterate...

1. Travel.   All travel in the UK will be billed at the HMRC rate of £0.45 per mile from my home postcode in London to the furthest postcode on the day.  All travel outside the UK will include flights, car hire and mileage as required.

2. Accommodation.  A low-key B&B/hotel will be booked by myself for the nights either side or after the wedding as required which will also be added to the invoice.

Both of these are fairly standard - I hope they are not showstoppers!


After the wedding, you clearly will want to get your hands on the images asap so I will generate a first cut of about 50 images within a week of the wedding.  Thereafter the full set will be uploaded as soon as possible, but within 90 days.

After that, there a few further decisions to make about what products you'd like from the images.  I'm in a position to give you a quote for pretty much anything you'd like, so if it isn't listed below, please ask me.

Some of the options have many variables, which is why there is no exact price listed, but select what you think you might want and then we can have a further discussion about it.

These prices are just guidelines.  I've added the definitive prices to the quote, but not the variable ones.

Right, that's it in terms of generating a quote - after you submit this form, all the details will be emailed to you.

Finally, I'd be super grateful if you could just quickly rate this form for me so I can improve it if possible... (it's a new addition!) *

I'm sorry your experience wasn't perfect!  

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If there is a problem with that date/timing, I'll send you an email asap.

You should get a confirmatory email now, but in the meantime, thank you again for your interest and I look forward to speaking to you then.
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Thank you for filling all that out - I know it's slightly laborious.

To give you an upfront ballpark figure now, the total came to £{{var_score}}

You will shortly receive an email to show you what you exactly selected - please feel free to fill out the form again to get a different quote.

I will be in touch with you in the next couple of days so we can discuss it and then I'll be able to send you a more precise quote.

If you are happy thereafter, and would like to book me, there will be a generic contract to sign and a 30% deposit to confirm the booking.  The payment schedule, invoice and sales receipt will all be attached to that quote.